Are you maximizing your connections and partnerships with the community?

We believe we are stronger together, and can create a sense of abundant possibility for all. We promote the bonds of connectivity within and among varying entities.   With our partners, we focus on eliminating silos and collaborating to ensure genuine impact in the communities where we live, work and play.

In assisting with the development of community partnerships, we have witnessed the limitless benefits to all stakeholders in the process. We can help you build this capacity at whatever level you desire.

  • Survey development, distribution, analysis (needs, gaps, opportunities, etc.)
  • Making connections (training and facilitation)
  • Mediation (training and services)
  • Seminar / Workshop Facilitation

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Community Development Articles

You Better Watch Out!

You Better Watch Out!

”You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town” At face value, these words sound ominous! Perhaps the “better watch out” is sage advice, because the big dude with the white beard is fixing to act like a...

Walking Each Other Home

Walking Each Other Home

"Walking each other home..." On paper, Vertical Performance Inc. is a consulting company. In reality, it is a community of individuals that recognizes we are stronger together. It is a fine and flowing network of skills, experience, and raw talent that mirrors the...

Who’s Going To Clean Up This Mess?

Who’s Going To Clean Up This Mess?

John Miller, author of QBQ! The Question Behind The Question, ends his book with a story about driving down a highway on a windy Sunday afternoon with his family. For brevity I’ll paraphrase his words… Driving by, they notice a man in a wheelchair along the side of...