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In 2017 we will complete four years of Vertical Performance as a “bricks and mortar” consulting office. On the glass wall of our office you will find the two phrases of our core philosophy: “Within every person are the seeds of confidence, awareness and achievement.” and “Within every organization is the collective potential to be exceptional.”

Those words bring to mind a video from a few years back. You have probably seen it before. But maybe follow this link to YouTube and again watch Susan Boyle’s initial appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPZh4AnWyk When you do, pay attention to the expressions on the faces of the judges and the audience after Boyle voiced her dream of becoming a professional singer. And then watch that skepticism change to awe. I mean complete astonishment.

Before Boyle even sang a note, everyone in attendance seeming shared a common perception of her. The judges summed that up: “When you said I want to be like Elaine Paige, everyone was laughing at you…” “We were all being very cynical…” “Everyone was against you…” When Susan Boyle walked on that stage she was “judged” on her appearance and her initial conversation. People didn’t need to hear her sing. They had already determined in their minds that she did not have the talent to be successful. That she did not have potential. And in fact, even after completing that first performance to a roaring, standing ovation, Susan Boyle begins to walk off stage, seemingly unaware of the impact she had just delivered. Perhaps throughout her life she had been told she would not amount to much and just assumed she would not be continuing on in the contest.

Yet, seven months later her first album debuted as the #1 best-selling album on charts around the world. It became the UK’s top selling album of all time. And Susan Boyle went from being unemployed to making five million pounds in her first year.

The song she sang in her initial appearance was “I Dreamed A Dream”. How many individuals have dreams that are never revealed? How many do not know their own potential? Or the talents that lie within? And how many of us pre-judge the potential or the worth of other human beings? This video and the attitudes of the judges / audience are worth watching periodically, just to help remind us that there is in fact potential in every human being. If we are able to reveal that in our workforces, the collective potential could be astonishing.

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