Are each of your employees working up to their full potential?

We assist individuals in building their best versions in terms of workplace performance and personal improvement.  Typically, we provide a schedule of coaching for individuals that identifies strengths and gaps, and develops capacity to manage and take charge of their own growth.  Participants have a great deal of influence in driving the agenda. It is focused, purpose-driven and goal-oriented. 

We love to answer questions about and engage people in imagining their best versions. We invite you to connect with us for a no-cost consultation!

  • Assessment (e.g. DiSC, Strength Finders, etc.)
  • Personal improvement/enhancement plan
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Interpersonal skill development (e.g. communication-conflict resolution)
  • Time management
  • Work-life balance & stress management
  • Public speaking

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Individual Development Articles

Find Your Snowshoe

Find Your Snowshoe

“Life is a paradise for those for those who love many things with a passion.”- Leo BuscagliaNot long ago I bought some snowshoes and I am completely stoked about it, though I haven’t used them yet. I don’t know where I’m going to use them and I’m not sure when I’m...

You Better Watch Out!

You Better Watch Out!

”You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town” At face value, these words sound ominous! Perhaps the “better watch out” is sage advice, because the big dude with the white beard is fixing to act like a...

What’s Amazing About You?

What’s Amazing About You?

Today’s essential question for you to answer: “What is amazing about you?” When we ask this question in groups, what do you think are initial reactions? You probably guessed that it makes some people uncomfortable, while others are more than willing to blow their own...