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011119 BlogBet you have had this experience: You advertise a job opening, then based upon the resumes received you rank the best candidates, interview 5 or 10, and then hire the one that impresses you most in the interview…only to find out three months later that they are really not a good fit for the job.

Why is this so common?  Perhaps because while most employers check education and experience, we don’t have or use any objective, actionable data about who the candidate really is at the core. Think of hiring as a three legged stool. One leg is what a candidate knows – their education and training. The second is what they have done – their experience in similar jobs and situations. But the third – the one we too often miss – is who they are…what they are interested in, how they think, and how they tend to behave.

We think stability in hiring comes from having that third leg, and Vertical Performance has a tool that can help. We are a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner with Wiley and Sons, Inc. and I have been designated as a Certified Professional by them. Through my past experience with this assessment, I can personally attest to its effectiveness for getting the ‘right people in the right seats’ on your bus.

PXT Select™ is a multiple-choice, online assessment that measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests. To use it, you send an email invitation that links your candidate(s) to an online Assessment Center where they access the ‘exam’.  Once they have completed the assessment, you then match the individual’s assessment results against a Performance Model for the position you have open. Or multiple positions within your organization.

These Performance Models contain the preferred traits of what you might call the ‘ideal’ employee in that job. Those preferred traits are each graphed as a range on a linear scale in terms of Thinking Style (cognitive abilities) and Behavioral Traits. Your candidate’s assessment results are then displayed on those same scales to indicate how much they match – or don’t match – the preferred range for this specific job. In addition, the assessment measures the candidate’s interests, and matches those to the top three interests of the Performance Model.

So as a result, PXT Select will indicate how well your candidate ‘fits’ (reflected in a percentage match) the interests, thinking style, and behavioral traits of an ‘ideal employee’ in the specific position you have open. But that’s not all. If there are gaps in that fit, PXT Select suggests specific interview questions that will help you explore those gaps with the candidate during the interview.

Why is this important?  Because placing a candidate in a position that they really do not fit will generally cause them stress. Typically, people struggle with trying to perform tasks that are beyond them cognitively, or that are not natural to who they are, or how they look at the world, or what they are interested in doing. Not to mention your stress – and the cost to and stress on your organization when you make the wrong hiring decision.

I have personal experience using this assessment since 2007. I found it to be extremely insightful for hiring and onboarding. But that’s not the only way we used it. We had every existing employee take it and then used the data to help determine if we had current employees in the ‘right’ positions. In some cases we didn’t, and we made changes. We also used it to help develop and coach employees, to match employees to possible positions of advancement, to help resolve employee to employee and manager to employee conflicts, and to identify potential future leaders, creating succession plans for leadership and other key positions.

You see, a big plus with PXT Select is that once the data is in your system, that data can be used throughout the employee’s tenure with your organization, as they grow and advance within the organization and over their entire career.

But back to the initial hire. Let’s be realistic – every job candidate is trying to sell themselves to you.  A resume and interview might tell you what a person knows and what they have done. But PXT Select also helps you understand who they really are – not who they want you to think they are by their responses in the interview. Objectively measured on a validated and reliable assessment.  It fills the gap between the resume and interview to make your hiring easier, smarter and more effective.  In today’s highly-competitive job market, it may be a vital tool for you.

For more detailed info you can click over to our Services page and click on the button on the right side, bottom of the PXT Select information. In the Solutions section in the middle of that new page you can click on a number of the listed ‘solutions’ to see samples of all the reports available to you from a single assessment.

Of course, we would be happy to discuss this tool with you at length and answer any questions about how you could use it to be more effective in your hiring and HR practices. If you would like to do that, simply email me at Ljoost@verticalperformance.com.I

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