What Does Every New Employee Want of You?

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Assume that you have just hired a new employee. What do you think it is that they most want from you as their employer? Many managers and leaders could come up with a list of ideas: a competitive salary; good benefits; vacation time; opportunities for advancement… All fall within the realm of “What do I get?” And as you can image, those kinds of questions are most prominent in the mind of someone seeking a new job.

But at the very beginning, once they have already been hired, new employees are most focused on two questions:

  • What is it you expect of me?
  • And how do I get the materials, equipment and resources to do my job right?

That’s it. At least according to an exhaustive study by the Gallop organization as to what differentiates the most loyal and productive employees from those who basically just want to take home a check. And certainly you are not out there trying to hire someone who just wants to take home a paycheck. If you are – if you are not trying to identify the most loyal and productive from among your applicants – then you have other issues you may need to deal with. But I digress.

The two questions above are still ‘what do I get’ questions. Are you going to give me direction? Will someone help me understand my role in the organization? Will it be clear as to what you specifically want me to do? What are the goals of the organization and will you explain how what I do helps achieve those goals? And then, are you willing to provide me with the tools that will allow me to be successful? The technology, software, training, mentoring?

Or does your organization have a ‘sink or swim’ culture? Do you hire someone and rely on them being a self-starter who will learn the ropes on their own…who has the resourcefulness to find their own answers and their own way? It’s great to have those kinds of new employees but it sure wastes a lot of time and energy letting them flounder awhile instead of putting systems in place to clearly outline your ongoing expectations, backed up by all the tools they need to succeed.


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