Why we are different.

There are other consulting firms you could use.
So why choose Vertical Performance?

✓ Design Team Approach: We tap into the diverse backgrounds and experience of multiple consultants who collectively formulate the programs we offer. The variety of perspectives contributes to a richer effort in connecting services to needs.

✓ Responsive Customization: We develop programs to meet the very specific objectives of our clients, rather than fitting objectives into canned programs. No two workplaces are exactly the same.

✓ Work Culture Emphasis: We believe that building effective community in the workplace encourages an unwavering commitment to the organizational mission, improved performance and an overall sense of satisfaction.

✓ Strength Based: We endorse an approach to “building” rather than “fixing”. By recognizing and engaging strengths, the gaps and challenges are more effectively addressed. This leads to a focus on the very best versions of your people and your organization.

✓ Truly Helpful Attitude: We fully commit our experience, skill, and especially our heart to what you hope to accomplish. It is why we started this business!



“I want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to Unity Hospice…I looked around our leadership meeting yesterday and thought about how lucky I am to be working with this staff…Servant Leadership has helped us not only to serve our patients, but to serve each other as well.”

Brenda McGarvey,
Volunteer Coordinator

Team Building

“Since the team-building workshop, the staff of Our World (Child Care & Adult Day Services) is seeking out more ways of pulling together to make the program even more of an exciting place to work… Your training is often mentioned, and has left a deep impression on our staff.”

Margaret Mandley,
Program Director

VP’s Consultants

“I have wondered to myself what makes their program so meaningful and have concluded that it is not so much their program, but THEM. They have an innovative approach that not only captivates the audience but also causes the participants to work cohesively.”

Ms. Teresa Blomenkamp, Principal,
Douglas Elementary School, Belleville, IL


“…Mr. Schneider and his team have served in a variety of areas as part of our Department’s internal work performance plan, our county-wide health assessment and planning process, and our community health outreach and implementation plan. In each of these areas, Vertical Performance staff have provided the highest caliber of professional service and customized support.”

Mark L. Peters, MS
Director of Community Health,
St. Clair County, IL


“I wanted to extend a note of thanks for your coaching and assistance this past year. Your suggestions were right on target and very insightful. I especially appreciate how you influenced my view of time away from work. I now enjoy more quality time with my family which makes me more productive at work. I enjoy my job more now than ever. Your services were a wonderful investment…”

Scott Neill, Manager
Livrite Fitness Center, Belleville, IL


“As a leader I learned how to bring out the best in each staff member, to help each one reach maximum potential. When you have a cohesive team all working towards one vision, you become unstoppable.”

Medical Office Manager

Vertical Performance, Inc.

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