Whether thriving or striving…

Ascend to your full potential.


Within YOU and your organization
are the seeds of success.

Are those seeds growing?


Imagine what you could collectively
create in your workplace…


Now is the time.

How high could you go?

What is your greatest challenge
in each of these common critical areas?


How can your work environment promote a collective commitment to organizational success and employee satisfaction?


Do the leaders in your organization genuinely bring out the best in all your people?


How do you tap into the full, collective potential of your team?


Does your core ideology drive your organization? Do your employees live it on a daily basis?


Are each of your employees working up to their full potential?


Do you have the tools to identify and put the right people in the rights seats on your “bus?”

Your Achievement: Our Passion

Troy Metheny of the Illinois Center for Autism discusses how Vertical Performance helped his leadership team communicate better.

Scott Neill is an Instructor at McKendree University. He integrated Community and Leadership training into his classroom.

Meet the Vertical Performance Team

Clients and Partners of Vertical Performance


What's amazing about you? My friends at Vertical Performance want to know.

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Vertical Performance now twice as strong with full time addition of VP President Jim Schneider to the daily schedule!

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